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Chengdu self-driving Langzhong Ancient City + Jianmenguan + Cuiyun Corridor Three Kingdoms Tour

Trip features

The Jianmenguan of "Yifu Dangguan, Wanfumokai" is located at the break point of Jianshan in the south of Jiange County, Sichuan Province. It is a cliff on both sides. It resembles a sword and faces a gate. Therefore, it is called Jianmen. It is difficult to attack because of the danger of Guanshan and easy to defend. Won the "One husband is angry, The "Jianmen World Insurance" that is not available for millions of people is called.


D1: Chengdu-Ancient City of Langzhong


Around 08:30 in the morning, they gathered to the source of the Spring Festival, the National historical and cultural city, the Chinese tourist city, the world's millennium ancient city, the National AAAAA-class tourist attraction-the ancient city of Langzhong, set foot on the clean and clean Qingshi Ancient Street, and savoured the culture of the millennium ancient city. Free tour to photograph the ancient city of Zhangfei Temple, Huaguanglou, Sichuan Gongyuan and other attractions, overlooking the building, taste local cuisine, the ancient city hotel double room accommodation.

D2: Ancient City of Langzhong-Jianmenguan


After breakfast, go to Jianmenguan by car and enter the scenic spot. Take a easy ride on the ropeway one way(self-care 50 yuan/person) or walk to the entrance to the bird's road, climb on foot, and thrilling[bird's road]. Along the winding stairway, watch the natural scenery of Jianmenguan, and enjoy the special Jianmenguan tofu banquet for dinner.

D3: Jianmenguan-Chengdu


After breakfast, go to the Cuiyun Gallery Scenic Area: Visit the best protected Cuiyun Gallery Park in the ancient Shu Road. On the way, you can also walk to visit the ancient ruins of the ancient Shu Road, ancient cypress trees, and Jianmen Road left over from the pre-Qin period., two lines of Cooper planted who, Three hundred long-range 100,000 trees and so on. After lunch, he returned to Chengdu.