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RVs self-driving: Chengdu + Leshan + Emei Mountain self-driving tour for two days, pure play no shopping, two into Emei look at Leshan Buddha, feel the wonders of Buddha Xianshan


D1: Chengdu-Emei Mountain


Chengdu departs to the Wannian Temple parking lot, takes the cableway(up 65 yuan/person self-care) to the Wannian Cableway Station, and walks to the Taoist Bodhisattva Dojo-Wannian Temple. Afterwards, he walked along the mountain road to Bailongdong, Qingyin Pavilion, Qingyin Pinghu, Heilongjiang Diandao, and the first line days. The natural ecological area and the original road returned to Qingyin Pavilion(about 3 hours depending on the situation).


Emeishan pilgrimage is rich in internal letters, Leshan Buddha holds the foot of Buddhism, the Great Buddha Zen Buddhism, the Buddha Temple into the Buddha Gate, the Fuhusi, the Qingyin Pavilion Buddha Garden, the Wannian Temple Baifozu, and the Golden Dingkai Buddha. Emei Mountain has been regarded as a "holy place" in the hearts of many people at home and abroad.

D2: Second into Emei Mountain-Ship Recreation Mountain Buddha-Return to Chengdu


After breakfast, he arrived at the Leidongping parking lot and walked 1.5 kilometers(about 30 minutes) to the entrance hall. He took the Jinding cableway(120 yuan per person to and from self-care) on the Jinding Temple and traveled to Huazang Temple, Jindian, Yindian, and Tongdian. Large viewing platforms, etc., view the World Buddhist pilgrimage center. On the cliff, fully feel the five characteristics of Emei's "male, show, strange, dangerous, quiet".


After lunch, take a bus down the hill to Leshan, visit Leshan Buddha, and return to Chengdu. Leshan Giant Buddha is located on the rock wall of Lingyun Mountain at the junction of the Lancang River, Qingyi River and Dadu River in Leshan City and was approved by UNESCO as "World Cultural and Natural Heritage". The shape of the Leshan Buddha is the statue of the Maitreya Buddha, which is a fine art of the cliff statue of the Tang Dynasty.