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Impression of Chengdu: 6-day Car Tour in Leisure and Humanistic Photography Studio


D1: Wuhou Temple + wide narrow alley

Arrive in Chengdu, stay in the hotel and start your leisure trip to Chengdu! In the afternoon, he visited Wuhou Temple and Jinli. He felt Chengdu's strong Three Kingdoms culture and special snacks. In the evening, he went to the narrow alley, ate hot pot, and watched Sichuan Opera.


D2: Panda Base + Sanxingdui Site

In the morning, he went to the panda base and met the national treasure Panda. In the afternoon, he went to the Sanxingdui site to experience the brilliant civilization and brilliant history of the ancient Shu Kingdom. After returning to Chengdu, after dinner, he went to Hejiangting to enjoy the night scene of Chengdu Jinjiang and experience Chengdu nightlife.


D3: Jing Jing County Sake Magnetic + Gongga Mountain Sunset

Chengdu set out to the Ya'an Jing to visit the ancient traditional handicrafts-burning sand magnetic, see the sand magnetics will be transformed into a classic black sand tools. In the afternoon, he climbed to the top of the mountain and enjoyed the sunset of Wanggongga. At night, he camped in the top of the mountain RV. They each showed their own good dishes and looked forward to the purest star river on the Western plateau of Sichuan.


D4: Gongga Mountain Sunrise + Chengdu Snack

Get up at 5 o'clock and wait for the shocking tribute sunrise. After the camp breakfast, they are free to move. At 10 o'clock, they go down and eat authentic Hanyuan yellow beef. After buying the most authentic Hanyuan pepper in Sichuan, they return to Chengdu and enjoy Chengdu authentic snacks in the evening.


D5: Guanyin Pavilion Old Tea House + Dujiangyan Water Project

In the morning, I got up early and went to Chengdu Guanyin Pavilion Old Tea House to experience the morning tea culture of the old citizens. I took out my ears and money boards and ate authentic Chengdu noodles. Afterwards, he went to Dujiangyan to visit the source of Tianfu and the Dujiangyan water Conservancy project that was still in use for two thousand years. He revealed the secret of the longevity of Tianfu.


D6: Du Fu Cao Tang

In the morning, go to Huanhuaxi Park and visit Du Fu Caotang or Sichuan Museum to freely purchase special crafts such as brocade and embroidery. End this afternoon with a rich schedule.